AKC: Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Report Date: 12/11/2016

Research Pedigree - 5 Generation
Roxanne She Loves Me Von Kachler

Name: Roxanne She Loves Me Von Kachler
AKC #: TS314082/02 Breed/Variety: Pomeranian
Birth Date: 07/26/2016 Sex: Female
Colors/Markings: Black & Tan
Breeder(s): Pam Ziegler

Roxanne She Loves Me Von Kachler
Black & Tan
Pom- Derosa's Thor Reigns The Blk Mtn
TS197857/05 05-15
Black & Tan White Markings
Mystic Heart's I'M Here For The Parti
TS139119/03 02-14
Black & Tan Parti-Color
AKC DNA #V703804
Pom Acres Outlaw Jesse James
TS026424/02 09-12
Black Parti-Color
Rosie Little Cory
TR916336/02 01-11
Black & Tan Parti-Color
AKC DNA #V648249
Fairy Tales Dancing With Bon Jovi
TR806402/01 10-09
Black & Tan Parti-Color
AKC DNA #V594164
Allstars Tri N My Best O'Fairy Tales
TR703015/03 03-10
Black & Tan Parti-Color
Pom Acres Jesse Jane
TR851968/01 06-11
Black & Tan Parti-Color
AKC DNA #V697827
Wild West Tri'N To Outlaw
TR447188/03 09-07
Black & Tan Parti-Color
AKC DNA #V584117
Pomacres M N M Bi Design
TR714292/02 07-09
Chocolate Parti-Color
Anne's Triple Crowned Trixie
TR718939/04 10-11
Black & Tan Parti-Color
Anne's Top Hat N Tails
TR500648/01 09-07
Black & Tan White Markings
AKC DNA #V496308
Anne's Lovin Chocolate Chip
TR302046/01 01-06
Chocolate & Tan
AKC DNA #V396537
Anne's Tessa Tippie Bear
TR213171/01 08-06
Arella's Diamond In De Ruff
TR037838/01 02-04
Black & Tan Parti-Color
Wee Hearts Domino's Shadow
TN535850/01 06-98
Black & Tan Parti-Color
AKC DNA #V80474
Weehearts Cotton Candy Parti
TN911838/01 09-00
Orange Parti-Color
Fairy Tales Khyla Glows At Pomderosa
TS107170/01 04-14
Black & Tan
Fairy Tales Tri A Chocolate Chip
TR920393/04 07-11
Chocolate & Tan Parti-Color
AKC DNA #V641563
Cashmere's Re-C-Cup O' Pom-Derosa
TR076749/01 10-05
Chocolate & Tan Parti-Color
AKC DNA #V378411
Wee Heart's One Eyed Jack
TN571934/02 10-99
Black & Tan Parti-Color
Wee Heart's Just Try'nto Parti
TN570162/01 10-99
Black & Tan Parti-Color
Christannes Divine Design
TR326946/01 03-07
Chocolate & Tan Parti-Color
Weeheart Hershey Choco Parti
TP044556/03 07-01
Chocolate Parti-Color
AKC DNA #V186043
Rocky Tops Orange Blossom Special
TR133541/03 04-05
Orange Parti-Color
Fairy Tales Deja Blue
TR593199/03 07-08
Blue & Tan
Delpom's The Blue Bomb
TR426357/02 10-06
Beau James Indian Nugget
TR218028/02 01-06
AKC DNA #V389942
Delpom's Black Beauty
TR354012/01 01-06
Pearl Moon's Classie Cassie
TR302821/01 07-06
Beau James Puff O Great River
TR135655/02 05-04
AKC DNA #V304053
Visions Vogue Iridescence
TP231575/01 02-05
Pom-Derosa Classys Autumns Fall
TS223016/02 12-16
Black & Tan
Poe All's Fair In Love N War
TR696626/04 05-09
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V580331
Soldier Of Fortune Of Haase
TR071790/01 10-04
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V306248
Star Haven's Dark 'N Tansome
TN714247/01 09-01
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V199529
CH Star Haven's Rock N James Brown
TD344241 05-92
Star Haven's Medicene Heart
TM979143/01 07-96
Red Sable
Star Haven Step Up To Glory
TN992943/01 09-01
Black & Tan
CH Star Haven's Rock N James Brown
TD344241 05-92
Star Haven In Search Of Glory
TN414220/02 10-99
Weebit's Alexis Angel At P.O.E.
TR363362/01 02-08
Orange Sable
Great Rivers Zeppo Of P.O.E.
TP230596/02 08-02
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V242509
CH Great Rivers Lil Lover Boy
TP031398/01 06-01
Orange Sable
AKC DNA #V167516
Great Rivers Twighlight Lady
TN991357/01 05-01
Black & Tan
CH Heartland's Weebit Of An Angel
TR009806/01 07-05
CH Heartland's Too Tough To Top
TP092831/01 06-02
AKC DNA #V316088
CH Heartland's I'm An Angel Too
TN778709/02 01-01
Classy Poms Silver Willow
TS124024/03 11-14
Cream Sable
Our Classy Smokey And The Bandit
TS051755/04 10-12
Black White Markings
AKC DNA #V689763
CH Barbara's Dancing With Silver
TP011335/03 02-03
Cream Sable
AKC DNA #V242382
Cj's Gay Cvilier
TN376231/01 05-97
AKC DNA #V100591
Hazel's My-T-Fine Prety Misty
TN408422/01 10-97
Tlc's Charolotte
TR359612/01 08-06
Tlc's Dashin Romeo
TR238024/01 07-05
Black & Tan
AKC DNA #V397332
Exotic Kit's Kisses
TP050274/01 08-01
Showins Classy Whisper In Th Wind
TS019370/01 12-12
Cream Sable Black Muzzle
Showin's Beowolf Man
TR711956/02 07-09
Wolf Sable Black Mask
AKC DNA #V578564
CH Showin's The Big Bad Wolf
TR535854/03 10-07
Wolf Sable
AKC DNA #V486124
Showin's Fantasy Of The Wolfsable
TR159985/01 10-05
Wolf Sable
Showin's Rock N Robin
TR706123/01 07-09
Cream Sable
Phil Ch Canton Wondering Star
TR635400/01 10-07 (Philippines)
Wolf Sable
AKC DNA #V474508
McGills Cream Delight
TP278064/03 09-03
Cream Sable

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